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So, my editor for Hostile Beauty and I have a pretty good relationship. As in, she doesn’t get exasperated when I want to re-write VAST PAGES of words, or when I text her asking about something ridonkulous, or when I forget she’s in a different time zone and email her at weird hours. We’ve worked on multiple projects together, and basically, she just gets me. And she forgives me. And she is just in general awesome. ❤ ❤ ❤

Which is why when she says things like “cut this chapter” or “I hate this word” I listen. I listen and I usually follow her advice.

I also ask for her advice. I asked her to pick the official excerpt for Hostile Beauty, the one which will go on the buy page. When I texted her about it, she texted back instantly. And I squealed and cackled and HOWLED with delight.

Because this was my favorite scene to write–more than the sex scenes or the first kiss even.



Hostile Beauty will be released October 18, 2013 by Musa Publishing

Andrew grinned as he pressed “send.” Okay, so maybe it was a little bit mean to send a suggestive text when he knew Levi was having dinner with David. But he really did want Levi to come over after dinner. He’d been thinking about him all day, wondering what guys like Levi did when they weren’t at work. That, and he kind of liked the idea of Levi getting hot and bothered over dinner. His phone buzzed.


He snorted back a laugh. Not so hot and bothered. Okay? He had to up his game.

He made his way to the bathroom and peeled off his shirt. He knew his body looked good—he worked out when he was tired, bored, frustrated, stressed. In other words? Pretty much all the time. It showed. He leaned back and tightened his abs as he got ready to snap the picture in the mirror. He turned his face to the side so most of his scars were hidden. On impulse, just as he took the photo, he reached with his other hand and pinched his own nipple. Then, he hit send and laughed.

He was lighter than air, giddy, high. When was the last time he’d flirted with someone? College? Maybe? Before the accident for sure. There had been a few disastrous visits to gay clubs over the last eight years, all of which ended up with him slinking out the door, alone, only a few minutes after paying the cover. Flirtation didn’t come naturally to Andrew.

Nothing that couldn’t be bought online with a credit card came naturally to Andrew.

His phone buzzed and he laughed again when he looked at the screen. One word.


He’d been hoping to get a workout in this afternoon, so he wore his running shorts. They were shorter and tighter than anything he’d be caught dead wearing in public.

Perfect. I’m half hard anyway, this will be easy. He held up the phone for another picture, stepping back so his shorts fit in the picture too. He thrust out his hips, knowing the resulting bulge in the front of his shorts was a little obscene. Still, he used his hand to outline it a bit. No such thing as too big.

The photo was lewd. It was completely unlike Andrew. But the thought of Levi opening it made him horny and happy, so he sent it.

He waited a few minutes wondering what he should do next—a photo of his ass, the top of his crack just sticking out the top of his shorts? He’d love to get a picture like that from Levi. Hell, he’d jerk off to something like that for weeks.

Levi didn’t text him back. Maybe it was a little much. Andrew growled his disappointment and headed for the treadmill.

I’m having a little staycation while my dudes visit Grandma in Wisconsin, so I’m getting organized and getting a little writing done. So far this year I’ve finished 6 projects, and if I work hard and don’t get distracted by new and shiny, I can finish number seven by the end of the year. I’m holding off on already-outlined sequels to two of the projects to see where/how the first books end up published, but my writing funnel is pretty full, and that always makes me happy.

I haven’t written science fiction in a while. I dabbled with the idea of writing a companion piece to Fight or Flight which told Josiah and Max’s story, and that might still happen some day, but I am honestly not sure revisiting Solomon Territory is on the agenda anytime soon. Maybe for a short freebie. Because I do love me some Max and Josiah.

However, I have been itching to write sci-fi for awhile, and recently got started on Proximity (working title), a new SFR set on a mining planet where rebellion is about to break out. I thought I’d share a little bit of it today. 🙂

Disclaimer: This scene is from an unedited work in progress. It may change or be deleted from the final draft. It’s shared here in a spirit of fun. enjoy!

Efan stared at the man asleep on the floor of the cave. Of all the fucking convicts to be skimwrecked with in the jungle. Feo Marten. Oh, he’d changed in ten years, but Efan would never forget Feo at seventeen. When Feo was seventeen and Efan thirteen, Efan had thought Feo was beautiful, and he’d hated it. He didn’t think someone like Feo should be beautiful. Beauty should have been reserved for those on the lists.

Now, Efan knew better; the lists were lies. Feo was still beautiful, in a hardened, work-rough way. He wasn’t thin and pretty like he’d been as a teenager. His body had been shaped by hard work and meals heavier on manufactured protein than carbohydrates. His wet clothes clung to every bulging muscle, and the front of his shirt gaped open, revealing the circular brand of the Perino camp.

Regret and shame washed over Efan. I’m responsible for that. I’m responsible for every shitty thing that’s happened to him in the last ten years.

Feo’s sentence had only been for five years. Had he done something else to earn a longer sentence? Guilt was a tight little ball in Efan’s gut. Whatever Feo had done, it was for survival. And it was Efan’s fault.

With his gun trained on the entrance to the cave, Efan watched Feo sleep until moonlight cycled into the pink-grey wash of dawn and Feo’s eyes flicked open.

Shock and angry recognition rippled across Feo’s features, then he lunged, grabbing Efan’s throat and shoving him against the wall of the cave. Instinct made Efan grab for the hand on his throat, and Feo took quick advantage.

“Feo!” Efan twisted in his grip and grunted as Feo’s fist hit his gut. He brought his knee up into Feo’s thigh. Feo might be bigger and stronger and have gotten the jump on him, but Efan wasn’t a complete waste of fists. He let go of the hand around his throat and jabbed his hand under Feo’s arm, forcing him to let go to protect his flank.

And then they were rolling. Fists and feet flew as they wrestled for advantage on the hard rock floor. Fuck guilt. Efan wasn’t about to let Feo beat the shit out of him just because he felt guilty. He had wrestled in school, he’d taken defense classes, and he’d served a two-year stint in the Governor’s Army. He could take Feo.

Fighting Feo was like fighting a wild animal. He fought rough and dirty, but he didn’t have any training, and eventually, Efan got him on his back, pinned down, chest heaving. Feo snarled up at him, hostile even in defeat.

“Feo. You need me. You can’t get to my people alone.” Efan tried reason.

“Little fuck, you killed him!” Feo growled.

“I know.” Efan grunted under the effort of holding Feo down. “I was a horrible person. And I fully expect you to kill me for it someday. But right now, I need to get you somewhere safe. You don’t know this world anymore, and that brand is a death sentence outside the work camp.”

Feo looked away, swallowing. He nodded. “Let me up.”

Efan moved off him slowly, reaching out a hand to help Feo up. “I’m sorry, Feo.”

“Fuck you.”

He should have seen it coming, right? The kick that flew the second Feo was on his feet? He should have, but remorse-blind, he let down his guard and turned his back, and that’s when Feo struck, his foot landing square on Efan’s ass and sending him sprawling face first across the cave floor, the metallic tang of his own blood filling his mouth.

And no, Feo didn’t help him up.

Hello friends! Yesterday I blogged the excerpt for The Dark Collector over at Love, Lust, and Laptops. There’s still a couple days to enter the drawing, so please stop by, check out the excerpt, and say hello!




Okay, so after some hemming and hawing and general indecisiveness, it’s settled. The Dark Collector will be releasing on or around November 13. It’s almost done with edits, and “The Plan” is to have the digital ARCs ready to go out next week. (That could happen earlier, we’ll see. I’m not about to rush my awesome editor.)

I’ll be debuting the excerpt on the Love, Lust, and Laptops blog on my next blog day, which is the day after tomorrow, and I’ll be giving away an e-ARC with that post (which means somebody gets to read it two months early!) 😀

So mark your calendars, mark your goodreads shelves,  and check Love, Lust, and Laptops on Wednesday for the excerpt and the giveaway. ❤




Hi Everyone! It is my pleasure to host Rosanna Leo today to talk about Predator’s Serenade! -V

Welcome to Ontario…where the bears walk on two legs.


I’d like to offer a big thank you to my pal, Vanessa, for hosting me today! It’s a pleasure to be here.


I’m here to tell you a bit about my newest paranormal erotic romance Predator’s Serenade, book 2 of my Gemini Island Shifters series. Now, I could stand here and shout about my sexy bear shifter hero Soren Snow and his wish to avoid mating at all costs. I could tell you about Gioia Clementine, the human woman and mother to a shifter child, who wants nothing to do with rock star Soren.


But I won’t.


Instead, I’d like to talk about my home province of Ontario, Canada. It is Canada’s largest province and home to our capital city, Ottawa. It is also where you’ll find our largest city, and my hometown, Toronto. It’s a province in which you’ll find awesome ethnic restaurants, beautiful hiking trails and vibrant theatre and entertainment scenes.


Well, in my world, it’s also home to the fictional Gemini Island, a place inhabited by some very interesting people: shifters. You see, Soren’s brother Ryland built a fishing lodge and resort here and has made it a safe haven for shape shifters of all kinds. A place where they can be themselves. The fictional Gemini Island is a massive piece of land set in Northern Ontario and is perfect for fishing, adventuring or just sitting on a dock watching the sun go down.


It’s in this magical place that my shifters and their human partners fall in love, and it’s been a joy to set their romances here. As an author, it’s fun to build a world that is similar to the real world, but with some unusual quirks. To me, these books are not just romances; they are love letters from me to Mother Nature. My characters get to play in the majestic woods, traipse through trails that smell of pine needles, and duck into dark caves.  I can’t think of a better place to fall in love.

LSB Cover Art Template for PhotoShop 


There are three things that make bear shifter Soren Snow’s skin crawl: mothers, their children, and the great outdoors. Soren is a famed musician and playboy, and he would rather spend his days pressing the flesh with the women in his fan club than developing meaningful relationships. When his brother calls in a favor, forcing Soren to revisit the Ursa Fishing Lodge in Northern Ontario, he couldn’t be more displeased. However, he owes his brother big time.


Gioia Clementine would rather not meet Soren, her drummer son’s rock idol. But when tragedy strikes her home, it seems the only one the boy might respond to is Soren. Gioia begrudgingly agrees to let her son meet him, hoping the rock star won’t turn her tween into a musical misogynist.


When Gioia and Soren meet, the sexual chemistry threatens to set the Ontario woodland ablaze. Can these two opposites find a common ground? And can they manage to resolve their unwanted feelings, even when a mysterious stranger arrives at the lodge, threatening everything?




Gioia followed Soren’s approach with a curious eye. She’d wondered if the miracle kisser would beat a hasty retreat after witnessing her boy fall to pieces, and yet here he was. He wore the same famished look he had right before he’d ruined her for any other man’s kiss. And she felt it too. The tingles between her shoulder blade, the gelatin knees, and trembling lips that wanted to gobble him up.

She couldn’t. She didn’t want to saddle him with such a wreck of a woman or family.

He came right up to her, so close, as if making a mockery of the space that sought to separate them. Weaving his fingers through her hair, he cradled her skull and pulled her close. Tucking her head against his chest, he kissed the top of her head, blazing a trail of hot reaction down her spine. He had new clothes on and smelled fresh and clean. As she breathed him in, he rained soft kisses all over her head.

He knows.

She pulled away, suddenly terrified he’d think she was a travesty of a mother. It’s what anyone would think in his case. They’d wonder what Gioia had done wrong to create a monster child. But as she attempted to remove herself from his grasp, Soren fought her by holding her still. Again she tried jerking away from his wall of a chest. He held her firm.

When she tried two more times, each time unsuccessfully, he looked at her and shouted, “Dammit, woman, I am not letting you go, so you can stop pulling away from me!”

Something in Gioia broke. She’d been carrying her sadness around for so long, trying to be strong, and Soren was offering to be strong for her. For just a moment, maybe she could surrender. God only knew how badly she wanted to give herself to the bear man.

He grabbed her tighter, and his hands slid down to mold over her ass cheeks. His warm breath was all over her face, and she took a dizzying dive into the seas of his eyes. He ground her against him, and she was forced to stand on tip toes.

“Gioia,” he whispered.

She wound her arms about his tense neck, felt him tense further. Then … a sigh somewhere in his big frame and a relaxation in his muscles. As if he needed to have her wound about him. As if it soothed him as much as her.

“Soren. Please.”

As he kissed her, he picked her up, his hands under her bottom. Her miniskirt rode up, and she spared a second to mentally curse her decision to wear it. And then she didn’t care.

Kissing her madly, Soren spirited her into the woods.


Buy link: http://www.lsbooks.com/predators-serenade-p818.php


Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo

Author bio:

Rosanna Leo is a multi-published, erotic romance author with Liquid Silver Books. Her books include For the Love of a God, Up In Flames, and Sweet Hell. When not writing, she can be found haunting dusty library stacks or planning her next star-crossed love affair. She blogs at www.rosannaleo.blogspot.com








I woke up one Saturday morning and wanted to write something different. Something a little dark and way kinky. Something without a happy-ever-after at the end.

That morning, The Dark Collector was born: a 14,000 word piece of gay erotica. An intense exploration of loneliness and identity.

A bit of an unapologetic kinkfest.

And tonight, I’m showing off the cover.

The Dark Collector Cover 1600


And the blurb:

Jeffrey Kuyper was a once-in-a-generation talent and I was his muse.

Jeffrey’s death shocked the art world and upended my life. His last portrait is an intimate reminder of our final weeks together. Now it’s up for auction and I want it more than anything. When a cold-mannered man in a dark suit outbids me, I’ll agree to anything to buy it from him–even a weekend in his bed


The Dark Collector will be released in November (exact date to be determined–probably just before Thanksgiving). I’ll be sharing an excerpt closer to release day, most likely on the LL&L blog, but I’ll link to it here. (y’all know about that right? I blog every other Wednesday at http://lovelustandlaptops.wordpress.com)

In the mean time, if you’d like to add it to your Goodreads “to-read” shelf, click the cover to be taken to the Goodreads page for The Dark Collector.

Thanks for reading!